PENTATONIX: the power of Acapella

When Bandila of ABS-CBN aired out this group as they were trending in Youtube with millions of views per track, my ears were then glued to all their music! I started searching and knowing about them (till now!) from videos to fan pages, facebook, twitter name it! I just got hooked to their amazing acapella voices. I appreciate how God just blessed these guys with their unique voices. And when their voice just unite, perfect pitch it is! Wow!

They are composed of a group of five vocalists, Scott HoyingKirstie MaldonadoMitch GrassiAvi Kaplan doing the Bass and Kevin Olusola the beatbox-drums man! They are from ArlingtonTexas. They started at The Sing-Off, an American singing competition of the best acapella groups, and they won in the third season!

And so.. I followed on twitter and liked on facebook, even looked them up at Wikipedia.

I think I will get a “last-song-syndrome” from them!

Check them out! fan site, facebook , twitter


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