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Iron Man 3 rocks!

This was last April 25 at Centrio Ayala Mall, a day after the official movie release of the 3rd Iron Man. Boy, Robert Downey Jr, is soooo cool! and handsome! ahhhhh! And Pepper Potts! Wow! Some feminine power on the house! 🙂

Over-all, the story was nice. Love story, sacrifice, humility, realizations.

That even without the suit, Tony Starks is still, IRON MAN! 🙂


PENTATONIX: the power of Acapella

When Bandila of ABS-CBN aired out this group as they were trending in Youtube with millions of views per track, my ears were then glued to all their music! I started searching and knowing about them (till now!) from videos to fan pages, facebook, twitter name it! I just got hooked to their amazing acapella voices. I appreciate how God just blessed these guys with their unique voices. And when their voice just unite, perfect pitch it is! Wow!

They are composed of a group of five vocalists, Scott HoyingKirstie MaldonadoMitch GrassiAvi Kaplan doing the Bass and Kevin Olusola the beatbox-drums man! They are from ArlingtonTexas. They started at The Sing-Off, an American singing competition of the best acapella groups, and they won in the third season!

And so.. I followed on twitter and liked on facebook, even looked them up at Wikipedia.

I think I will get a “last-song-syndrome” from them!

Check them out! fan site, facebook , twitter

Naturally Awesome

Naturally Awesome

When I saw this on my Facebook Newsfeeds, I immediately wanted to feature and blog about it!

To tell you, I am a nature-freak. Pro-mother earth. And I love the greeeeeeen in things (not the opposite thing, haha). I love to explore nature and go see the flora and fauna of Nature’s beauty.

So here is a picture depicting one of the acts to promote green, that is to Recycle. In this world there is no one big garbage dump that makes our trash disappear. That is one constant concern that the earth is facing everyday. Pollution takes its toll through global warming, flood, and diseases to name a few. That is why we ought to make our trash as useful as we can or else mother nature strikes back and let us realize how we have abused her.

The main responsibility is in us. We only have one home, one place we call earth.

Let’s Re-use, Reduce, and Recycle. Go Green! 😉