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Why Eggs on Easter?


Earlier this evening, at work, a colleague of mine gave an egg, colored and so full of art to a colleague of mine too. It then made me ponder. “Why associate eggs with Easter? Well, thanks to my best friend, Mr. Internet, I searched the answer. Encyclopædia Britannica says “Eggs have been prominent as symbols of new life and resurrection..”  And Easter is also the day of Christ’s Resurrection. So it is somehow symbolic.  After 3 days, He rose from the grave! For the Christians, Resurrection Sunday as we call it, marks the victorious moment of Jesus conquering death over all! It is the day of commemoration of Christ Risen and is alive forever more!


It is the day of Celebration. Thank you Lord! 🙂


Like master, like pet

Like master, like pet

Captured this moment. Haha, The picture says it all. Tired from exercise? Or just a comfy nap? 🙂 Cute!

Season of Lent

Season of Lent

When we had our Station’s Unit meeting, it was asked of us of what are the sacrifices that we have done or will we be doing this Lenten Season or the Holy Week. Most answered of doing abstinence of common pre-occupations or routines being done everyday. Like that of doing fasting or going to churches (called Bisita Iglesia) or do Penitence. For me, I answered to set time solely for the Lord in doing reflection, contemplation, and devotion for Him. Is it amazing to always recall how great the Lord’s LOVE for us is? I hope and pray that I would and even all of us would not only do it this week  because of Lent season, but everyday because God deserves it. This Lenten season is just a reminder and to poke us saying, “Hey, Stop for a while, and think about God’s gift of Salvation, ok? it’s free!” Yes, we fail still but that is what is amazing of our God.. He remains faithful a midst our failings and unfaithfulness. Well, Guess I will have a short blog leave? Yes? I am considering that. 😉 I am also planning to watch the Passion of the Christ again. Yes!

God bless everyone!

with flying colors

with flying colors

This is my cute and lovable niece, Anna Sofia M. Tan. This march, she will graduate as 2nd honor and now level up to Grade 1!

Like Tita, like niece. 😉 Congratulations, Fia!



These are my co-workers in Station One of Maria Reyna-Xavier University Hospital. We are from the Batch 5 of the Post-Graduating Training for Nurses in the said hospital.

We just grabbed this opportunity for a shoot at our New Building of the hospital. The construction is still ongoing. We were amazed of the progress and also excited as well to when it will officially open! Can’t wait! 😉

Coming back!

After..hmmm.. 3 or 5 days (I think), I am back again! Oh how I missed you, blogging! 😉 I have a lot of things to blog and pictures to blog as well! get ready!

Asteroid Rush

Just read this on Yahoo! News. I also have heard the meteorite that hit Russia a month ago. Is earth really coming to an end soon? sooner? soonest? Oh well, the bottom line is, it is not yet the end of the world..until God tells it so. And it is only, and ONLY Him who knows when will be that exact date, Time, minute up to the specific second.

Let’s view it this way and let’s be positive about this. This just makes how Great our God is right? How magnanimous He is in making these asteroids, planets, supernovas and blackholes! It just proves how amazing and wonderful and glorious He is! And what is even remarkable and that makes us utterly grateful is the Protection He envelops us. To quote from the report: ” Discovered just six days ago, the 460-foot long (140-meter) Asteroid 2013 ET passed about 600,000 miles from Earth at 3:30 p.m. EST. That’s about 2-1/2 times as far as the moon, fairly close on a cosmic yardstick.” A whopping Wow. Thank you Lord for the atmosphere of protection. In just a second, we could have been gone to ashes, but the Lord spared us.

Read all about it here on Yahoo!News:

Whew. Thank you, Lord.

Thought of today: Besty

Posting a pic of me and my besty. Missing him much.

Graduation is in the Air


After all the shedding of sweat, blood, and tears and the many midnight candles burnt, the sound of commencing is finally played. Congratulations in advance to the graduating Class in all levels!

March on March! Hooray!

TLW 2013: E.T.L.O.G Musical

pilgrim poster

Today marks the TRUE LOVE WAITS CONCERT Round 3 performance

at Pilgrim Christian Community College at 6pm tonight.

See ya around! 😉