The Dashboard Gets a Beautiful Makeover

that is why I noticed something different! Nice! simple yet elegant to look at!

The Blog

Every day, you blog, you create, and you make things with your site. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the code that runs gets updated dozens of times a day, as we deploy improvements. While you can’t see the vast majority of those changes, there is one improvement we can’t wait for you to see: a brand-new, redesigned dashboard featuring better contrast and the lovely Open Sans typeface.

Back in April, I shared our goals for the dashboard redesign:

  • It should have a simple, uncluttered design; free of excessive decoration and focused on your content.
  • It should use webfonts for modern, legible typography that’s consistent in every browser.
  • It should have a responsive design that’s tailored to desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • It should do all this while retaining the familiar, user-tested dashboard interface that millions of users already understand.

We’ve redrawn all the icons, opened…

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Sophie-natic: Sophie Paris Philippines Fashion and Beauty Soiree

It was the first time I heard the term. But was rather familiar to me though. And so with the dictionary’s help, Soiree pronounced as swah-rey, means an evening party or a social gathering of a common theme where people listen , watch and experience something to be featured about.

And so last May 25, 2013, I attended the Sophie Paris  Philippines Beauty and Fashion Soiree  at the Mallberry suites. There on the 10th floor, the lights, the music, the theme said it all- fashion, make-up, scents and bags flowed all through out.

I was indeed fortunate to be there. Considered to be my first event cover with the CDObloggers, I was excited and looking forward for the fun company.

When the party music pumped, the pretty ladies walked and ruled the floor featuring Sophie Paris’ products of beautiful bags. And the afternoon bloomed all the more as Ms. Ali Forbes, Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2012 1st runner up was there.

After the event, pictorials were the first to be done. Picture there, picture here, picture everywhere! After all that is what we Pinoys love, right? I am supposed to post the awesome goodies we got from Sophie Paris, but I have got to transfer the pictures from my phone. Still finding a  bluetooth connection, so soon, I’ll post it up!

Over-all, I had a BLAST of fun with fashion and beauty extravaganza!

Repost: Great-Grandma, 79, Jumps From Plane

Whoaaaa! I wish, someday, I could do this when I grow old!

What do you do after you’ve survived six strokes, beat cancer twice and suffered from osteoporosis, arthritis and diabetes? If you’re 79-year-old Carolyn Meiselbach, you go skydiving. Of course. Meiselbach said she leaped into the upstate New York sky last month to settle some unfinished…

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Online Voting details for hassle-free elections


I am amazed at the improvement and the embrace to technology of the COMELEC this time. Now, they featured an online system so that one can check his/her precinct number, where to vote and other pertinent details. I even knew the date I was registered and Lo and behold, it took 6 years for my voter’s ID to be printed out (at least I’m sure I’ll get my ID for sure..LOL).

So have a hassle-free voting day. Check the Commission on Election‘s official site here:

Election tip #1: Get you voting list ready to whom you will vote. It’s a real time-saver. 🙂

God bless May 13, 2013!

Iron Man 3 rocks!

This was last April 25 at Centrio Ayala Mall, a day after the official movie release of the 3rd Iron Man. Boy, Robert Downey Jr, is soooo cool! and handsome! ahhhhh! And Pepper Potts! Wow! Some feminine power on the house! 🙂

Over-all, the story was nice. Love story, sacrifice, humility, realizations.

That even without the suit, Tony Starks is still, IRON MAN! 🙂

PENTATONIX: the power of Acapella

When Bandila of ABS-CBN aired out this group as they were trending in Youtube with millions of views per track, my ears were then glued to all their music! I started searching and knowing about them (till now!) from videos to fan pages, facebook, twitter name it! I just got hooked to their amazing acapella voices. I appreciate how God just blessed these guys with their unique voices. And when their voice just unite, perfect pitch it is! Wow!

They are composed of a group of five vocalists, Scott HoyingKirstie MaldonadoMitch GrassiAvi Kaplan doing the Bass and Kevin Olusola the beatbox-drums man! They are from ArlingtonTexas. They started at The Sing-Off, an American singing competition of the best acapella groups, and they won in the third season!

And so.. I followed on twitter and liked on facebook, even looked them up at Wikipedia.

I think I will get a “last-song-syndrome” from them!

Check them out! fan site, facebook , twitter

Naturally Awesome

Naturally Awesome

When I saw this on my Facebook Newsfeeds, I immediately wanted to feature and blog about it!

To tell you, I am a nature-freak. Pro-mother earth. And I love the greeeeeeen in things (not the opposite thing, haha). I love to explore nature and go see the flora and fauna of Nature’s beauty.

So here is a picture depicting one of the acts to promote green, that is to Recycle. In this world there is no one big garbage dump that makes our trash disappear. That is one constant concern that the earth is facing everyday. Pollution takes its toll through global warming, flood, and diseases to name a few. That is why we ought to make our trash as useful as we can or else mother nature strikes back and let us realize how we have abused her.

The main responsibility is in us. We only have one home, one place we call earth.

Let’s Re-use, Reduce, and Recycle. Go Green! 😉

Why Eggs on Easter?


Earlier this evening, at work, a colleague of mine gave an egg, colored and so full of art to a colleague of mine too. It then made me ponder. “Why associate eggs with Easter? Well, thanks to my best friend, Mr. Internet, I searched the answer. Encyclopædia Britannica says “Eggs have been prominent as symbols of new life and resurrection..”  And Easter is also the day of Christ’s Resurrection. So it is somehow symbolic.  After 3 days, He rose from the grave! For the Christians, Resurrection Sunday as we call it, marks the victorious moment of Jesus conquering death over all! It is the day of commemoration of Christ Risen and is alive forever more!


It is the day of Celebration. Thank you Lord! 🙂

Like master, like pet

Like master, like pet

Captured this moment. Haha, The picture says it all. Tired from exercise? Or just a comfy nap? 🙂 Cute!

Season of Lent

Season of Lent

When we had our Station’s Unit meeting, it was asked of us of what are the sacrifices that we have done or will we be doing this Lenten Season or the Holy Week. Most answered of doing abstinence of common pre-occupations or routines being done everyday. Like that of doing fasting or going to churches (called Bisita Iglesia) or do Penitence. For me, I answered to set time solely for the Lord in doing reflection, contemplation, and devotion for Him. Is it amazing to always recall how great the Lord’s LOVE for us is? I hope and pray that I would and even all of us would not only do it this week  because of Lent season, but everyday because God deserves it. This Lenten season is just a reminder and to poke us saying, “Hey, Stop for a while, and think about God’s gift of Salvation, ok? it’s free!” Yes, we fail still but that is what is amazing of our God.. He remains faithful a midst our failings and unfaithfulness. Well, Guess I will have a short blog leave? Yes? I am considering that. 😉 I am also planning to watch the Passion of the Christ again. Yes!

God bless everyone!